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PT. ASANTURI INTERNUSA was founded in Cilegon – Banten in late 2008 and engaged General Contractor & Supplier. ASANTURI Management is committed to all candidates and customers that it is a facility of a competent business partner in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.


To achieve that goal, the management has done a few important things in the beginning of this company by providing a website and email facilities to all employees in order to gain the effective, detail, and accurate information at any time.


Good human resources who have good and high knowledge in each field will make the company operation easier. Experienced resources and high knowledge in their respective fields will facilitate the operation of the company. Operated by staffs who have good skill and are professional will greatly assist our customers in solving all technical and commercial issues that will continuously improved by enlightening and training employees in accordance with their respective fields.


Cooperation with various manufacturers, vendors, suppliers and service providers either standardization & certification as well as consulting services and have been done technically and developed continually in order that we can immediately accommodate any of customer needs with maximum quality. Legality of the company is the first step we’ve done in accordance with the provisions and rules applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia Finally, we, ASANTURI management are looking forward to your information, our candidate’s customers who need our products or services.





Management ASANTURI very concerned about the safety, health and the environment in every process of work performed, we always provide the knowledge to every employee who will be involved in every process a good job in Asanturi location or another location in order to minimize accidents and damage to the work environment. Companies will always meet the safety standards for any work that is not separated out of PPE for each employee who enters the work area, use of special equipment conformed to existing rules and keep work environment clean and healthy. The entire executor is required to make the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) before starting work early in order to monitor the potential for an accident that both personal and environmental concerns in hopes of pressing the smallest possible number of work accidents.



Asanturi Management ensures that any of its products will be in accordance with the quality standards specified in the contract and specifications which have been approved. It is expected that with the monitoring process of experienced technical team, the customer will be satisfied. The Company will develop employee knowledge continuously according to their respective fields by providing insights and training regularly and continuously in order to minimize the error factor. Management will monitor the process by using reporting method and direct visits to the field to detect a deviation between the contract and the execution promptly and easily to solve.



We can provide materials, equipment, tools and other with not limited to :

 - Mechanical Equipment & Tools

 - Electrical Equipment & Tools

 - Safety Equipment & Personal Protection Equipment

 - Blasting & Painting Equipment and Tools

 - Instrument & Inspection Tools

 - Blasting & Painting Inspection Tools

 - Measuring Tools & Instrument

 - Temperature Inspection Tools


Heavy Duty Coating and Lining Services

We provides  the coating materials and coating application work on the new project and maintenance for Oil & Gas, power plant, chemical plant, pipe lines, ship yard, mining facilities and the other facilities.

We can perform surface preparation and painting application with a variety of methods and specifications, as do the painting the external tanks, pipes, steel structure and other types of material. We can do this job for maintenance needs and also for new construction project.


TANK COATING is doing the coating for internal tank with a specific coating thickness and method. We were assisted by our suppliers, working equipment and experience of our workers will be able to execute the work in accordance with the rules and specification required.



PT. ASANTURI INTERNUSA (ASANTURI) is a specialist field joint coating applicator providing services to onshore, offshore and spoolbase pipeline construction contractors. Our business is to provide application equipment and material solutions that protect pipelines from corrosion, heat loss and mechanical damage at the field joint while at the same time providing contractors with fast, clean, efficient and commercially attractive sub-contract services.


Under Water Coating is all work activity for surface preparation and coating application will be done in the under water, usually using for maintenance of  pipe pile, sheet pile and other material required protection from rust.

Assisted by technical services, equipment and paint manufacturers so we can make the supply of materials and their application to:

- Plant and Facilities

- Work Shop

- Office Floor

- Other Facilities


Road Marking Application

We can do the job for road marking in various job site, such as roads line, airport marking, parking area line, ware house and work shop.


We provide coating material in various type and color including providing equipment as per project required.





To support this work we have prepared a workforce of engineers and special skills to do the piping work. We also prepared equipment and tools as per project required.

Our personals are very familiar with some of project specification and technical requirement standard to apply for fabrication and testing of piping work.

We can do the fabrication and erection structural steel for pipe racks, support, operation stage, platform, building and other work related to the steel structure.


With the assistance of personnel skills and equipment we have we will be able to finish the job in accordance with the time given and specifications provided.



ASANTURI INTERNUSA is a company that work with the standard rules and always applied according to the type of work and area of working. General Procedure received from our customer will detailed by our engineering team according to inquiry document and contract agreement. Some of document will be provided by us each project will be running, included:



QC/QA Procedure

General Working Procedure

General Scaffolding Procedure

Working Schedule

Work Execution Plant

General Specification and Recommendation

Form QA/QC Record and Report

HSE Manual

Confined Space Working Procedure

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

PPE manual book

Safety Report and Record



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